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Our Production


AnnaToschi is your source of inspiration to be on-trend with an extra touch. Our goal is to inspire our customers to be the very best version of themselves, and to feel totally comfortable with everything they wear. Our online store is intuitive, with quality, fashionable products. Visit our website and find exactly what you are looking for. Find the right look, shop at AnnaToschi today.

About Our Leather
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All the materials used in production are of the highest quality and sustainability standards.

We carefully select natural raw materials, which are both durable and respect our precious planet.

Italian Craftsmanship

All the processing is done by hand. We collaborate with the very best Italian and European tanneries to guarantee eco-sustainable tanning, dyeing and cutting-edge processing.


Our partners represent Italian craft excellence in the fashion sector, with the highest quality embroidery, knitwear and tailoring.

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